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New release of Meneame for Android!

So a new year needs a new release. Here we go! Version 10 (0.2.4) is out! As usual you can find it in the android market, appoke and here.

Happy 2011 to you all!

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Boost for Android

Hi there!

I’m proud to announce my ‘lil tool-set to be able to use the Boost C++ Libraries in Android, yes you heard well. For those who did that too, this one uses boost threads too! So you will be able to use native threads in Android.

The drawback is that you MUST use a special NDK made available by Cystax. That one is still a fork of r4 of the official one but I’m sure that Crystax will update it soon!

Less talking and more action:

Hope this will help one of you to get you nice native libs to Android!


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menéame para Android!

Porfin ha saldio la applicación dedicada a para el sistema operativo de Google!

Hechad un vistazo!

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The Scourge Project out now on Steam!

Finally our biggest project has been release today on Steam: The Scourge Project. 3 years of hard work (for many of us more than just 3 yeasr of course!) and it’s done! This is remarable day for the whole team of Tragnarion!

So now just b it :D

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SourceForge Nomination!

VampireSlayerSimpleGameEngine nominated!
If you like the code and it help you understanding a bit more the world in 3D, nominate us!

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Checkbox List

by now it’s here:

Soon I’ll make a cleaner one here.

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GLSurfaceView – Android SDK 1.5

Hy there

We all know that OpenGL where quite a pain in the ass in android, all very low-level, but with the new SDK (1.5) you’ll get the GLSurfaceView which handle most of the OpenGL Specific base code.

For more info:

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Starting new stuff

Now it’s time to start a new small thing, in the past I made several Web systems, but now using WordPress I really enjoy on writing plugins. So I picked up the WP-E-Commerce plugin as a base to develop my own e-commerce WordPress plugin. The plugin will be called XHop (it’s the name of a never released e-commerce web and desktop application written in java that I made for university subject) so be tuned about how it’s going one.

For more information visit the plugins page.

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Welcome to DCG!

At least I put a new site online. By now just a simple WordPress blog, but with the development of our new Google Android Game I’ll start soon on developing some plugins, and, of course, an own theme.

So I hope you’ll here about us soon!

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